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Stay Dry, Stay Fit

A climber at an indoors climibing centre, staying dry and staying fit.

Stay active whatever the weather - don't be put off by the dark nights or the dreich weather... But if you are, don't worry, because you don't always have to venture outside to be active. There are indoor venues across your neighbourhood that can offer you a range of activities, from dancing to netball, pilates to badminton and everything in between.

Think of all the local places where your community comes together under a roof and you are sure to find some physical activity opportunities there for you.

You'll be amazed, there is more available on your doorstep than you realise... Rain, hail or snow, there is no stopping you now. Put your postcode or town in the search box and we'll show you the places we know about near you. Why not go along to your local community centre, village hall, or leisure facility and find out what activities are going on?

And don't be put off by the lycra! That is just a myth - wear whatever you feel comfortable in. Flat shoes are best but most important of all just be active.

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