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Going Solo

A swimmer going solo in the swimming pool.

Being active helps recharge you: it can improve your health, improve your sleep, and improve your mood. All too often we put the needs of others before ourselves and all too easily the time that we would have spent being active is taken up with other tasks. For many people the time they spend being active acts as a sanctuary from life's toil or a time for quiet contemplation away from any distractions.

If you have lost this time it is important that you look at how you spend your day and try to re-allocate time to being active. This may involve looking at your daily routine and deciding if you can change the way you do things to re-introduce physical activity to your life.

Once you have found the ideal time the type of activity you do is up to you. If the thought of being active with other people fills you with dread then don't worry. If being active is something that you just want to do on your own then that's ok. There are plenty of opportunities out there available for you. It can be as simple or as daring as you like. Why not go for a swim, try out the fitness suite, bounce on a trampoline, tackle a climbing wall or just go for a walk in the park?

It's your time and up to you how you spend it - make the most of it and be active.

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